Shutdowns and Social Distancing Do Not Save Lives!

Progressives declare they care about humanity and capitalists only care about money. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all claim the ends justify the means and destruction of civil liberties is based upon science.

Science states corona viruses follow parabolic curves. They end when herd immunity occurs, and infection dies out.  Flattening the curve by draconian measures does not change the number of people with weak immune systems who will die. Shutting down elective medical care means people will die when tumors matatiziezes if biopsies are not given in time. Stroke victims will die if not given care. Patients will die if brain surgeries are delayed. 

Shutdowns effect more than the stock market. Shutdowns cause business failures, increased domestic violence and suicides. Medical technocrats sometimes reduce man to an arrangement of molecules made by blind chance. They see man as a competitive animal. They do not understand man was made in the image of God, with a body, soul, spirit and freewill. Atheistic material evolution gives no hope or purpose to life. Reality based upon material or energy shaped by chance, without God given absolutes and unalienable rights, is certain to end up in tyranny. 

State governors are in the executive branch and are sworn to uphold laws, not make laws. Their orders can be guidelines, but they cannot be enforced by criminal sanctions, because they have not been passed by legislature, Under humanism man becomes the measure of all things and leads to Orwellian totalitarianism.  Doctors at Stanford University believe models used by the CDC are false. Covid-19 is more widespread than believed. With more infections discovered the infection mortality rates is closer to .001 and the seasonal flu, rather than the 3.4% promoted by WHO. The UN is a front for one world Utopians who use pandemics to promote police state Orwellian lockdowns. Freedom loving Americans must protest.   


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