In any given economy if the money supply is increased by 100%, prices will inevitably rise approximately 100%. Milton Friedman (1972), and Batini, Nelson (2001) published studies showing an 18 month time lag from an increase in money supply and the peaking of inflation.
Several Israeli government officials have said if U.S. returns to the JCPOA agreement Israel will go it alone against Iran. In 2015 a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was agreed upon.
The peace we experience from our faith in Jesus surpasses any temporary peace the world can give. It can ease your deepest fears and soothe your troubled heart. "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you. I give to you not as the world gives. Do not be troubled or afraid." John 14.27
Central bankers are not bankers. They are central planners who believe they know better than free markets. Central banks have trapped themselves into a corner. It is a trap with no escape, without causing a major economic crash. Boom and bust cycles cannot be stopped, only delayed.
Economics professor Steve Hanke, at Johns Hopkins University, believes commodities are seeing initial signs of a long-term bull supercycle. Supply is very constrained, and inventory is low, as the economy starts kicking in, commodity prices go way up as you start a supercycle.
Quantitative Easing is now conventional monetary policy. A total of 20% of the companies in the Russell 3000 are "zombie" companies whose debt servicing costs are higher than their profits. They are kept alive by borrowing. Boeing Co., Delta Air Lines, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Carnival Corp and Tesla are examples of companies who are not earning enough to cover their interest costs. We are at a fork in the road between disinflationary pressures and inflationary pressures.
The market likes a divided government. If the Democrats take the white house, the Republicans still hold the Senate. A Joe Bidden administration will not be able to pass a Green New Deal or raise taxes, without control of the Senate. A stimulus is likely.
Across the country business store fronts are putting up plywood to protect store windows from looters and protestors if Trump wins re-election. Many are painting "we support Black Lives Matters" on the boards. They are not writing we support Trump.
Science has learned a cell is infinitely more complex than a watch and one-thousandth the size of a period, the cell is no longer considered merely material and energy shaped by chance. Living cells are now understood as material and energy shaped by design, information or knowledge. Paley's teleological argument requiring a designer has stood the test of time. Reality based upon material or energy shaped by chance, without God given absolutes, is statistically certain to end up in tyranny and moral decay.
During a virtual rally with supporters, the Democratic presidential nominee, 77 year old Joe Biden forgets President Donald Trump's name.

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