Store Owners Prepare for Trump Win

Across the country business store fronts are putting up plywood to protect store windows from looters and protestors if Trump wins re-election. Many are painting "we support Black Lives Matters" on the boards. They are not writing we support Trump.

Antifa is renting trucks to ship bricks and crowbars for anarchy to follow a Trump win. The "Fake news polls" and the media are all telling us its is in the bag. Vice-president Joe Biden will win. However, outlier polls such as the Trafalgar Group polls show President Trump has a lead in all the battle ground states. The Trafalgar Polls were one of the few polls that showed Trump winning in 2016. It measures the bashful trump voters, and does not over count Democrats. 

To believe Joe Biden will win we must forget our lying eyes. In Rome, Georgia 30,000 people showed up to see President Trump. Before the rally they prayed for our election and our country.  Biden's car rallies are small and more Trump trucks show up than Biden supporters. Traditionally the Amish in Pennsylvania do not vote in elections, but many are concerned about losing the 2nd  Amendment right to own hunting riffles. Many working people across the country who often do not vote or vote Democrat are voting for Trump because the New Left in the Democrat Party have excepted the Green New Deal and seem to be at war with the economy. Many Millennials do not want another Covid lockdown. Many Blacks and Hispanics like Trumps pro jobs, law and order, pro life platform.  Many who have never voted or have voted Democrat all their life, are switching over to Trump.  The President is seen as champion of the little people, against the establishment, and the silicon oligarchs.  If Trump wins the Republican party will never be the same. 


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