Rebuttal to Editorial on Global Warming

This editorial is a response to an August 17 editorial, in the local Curry Coastal Pilot newspaper, which blamed global warming on and an increase of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

A recent editorial in the Curry Pilot on climate change made several false statements. First, it stated July 2019 was the hottest month in human history.  The truth is that the Roman Warm Period (250 BC-AD 450) and the Medieval Warm Period (AD 900-1300) were significantly warmer than our current climate. 

The second false statement was that global warming is due to human activities. Increased global warming is primarily caused by increased solar radiation and not from increased levels of CO2. Rising levels of CO2  follow increased temperatures.  Human activity contributes only 3.4 percent to CO2 levels. Nature creates 96.6 percent of the increase or decrease of CO2 levels. The atmosphere is primarily nitrogen and oxygen.  Greenhouse gases form only 1 percent.  Water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is only a trace greenhouse gas. The impact of all carbon dioxide on the greenhouse effect is minuscule, and humanity's contribution to CO2 is nominal. Massive amounts of CO2 are released or absorbed by the oceans annually, depending on the ocean's temperature.    

The third false statement is that we are betting our grandkids future on climate change.  The truth is the "New Green Deal" proposed by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is projected to have a cost of $93 trillion and would bankrupt the U.S. The fourth false statement is the global warming is not a partisan issue. The Green New deal is not just a climate-change proposal; it is a forced re-invention of society. Alexandria Cortez is a democratic socialist who rejects capitalism. The Democratic party has been taken over by extreme socialists who are expected to do poorly in the 2020 general election.   

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