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Creation requires a creator

Life was either created by God or evolved from non-living matter by accident. There is no third choice. The law of biogenesis states that life comes from life. The molecular biological revolution in the past 20 years has produced a change in theory. A cell is no longer considered merely material and energy shaped by chance. Living cells are now understood as material and energy shaped by design. Paley's teleological argument requiring a designer has stood the test of time. If atheistic materialism is eliminated, the law of the excluded middle states there is a creator to whom man is accountable.

Materialistic evolution is a non starter because it cannot explain its own existence. It is based upon the metaphysical belief the immaterial does not exist, which is a non sequitur. Romans chapter one states the size and complexity of the universe reveals the existence of God as the creator. Man is without excuse when he suppresses truth and rejects his accountability to God.

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