Vice President Joe Biden Forgets Trump's Name

During a virtual rally with supporters, the Democratic presidential nominee, 77 year old Joe Biden forgets President Donald Trump's name.

Joe Bidden was seen on camera saying the United States can not withstand another four year of George and then he forgot President George Bush's last name. Joe Biden was corrected with a prompt from wife Jill, who sat next to him and was seen repeatedly muttering 'Trump' under her breath. President Trump has been on the campaign trail today making several stops in Pennsylvania and mocking the fact Biden can not remember the name of the person he is running against. 

Trump said "I don't mean to have a big ego, but I am the President, and sleepy Joe does not even know my name. Joe is the worst candidate ever to run for President.  It will be embarrassing if I lose to such a poor candidate." 
Trump says he does not believe the fake news polls. Recently Biden has also said he is running for Senator, when he meant to say he was running for President. Biden is currently locked down in his basement, with no rallies today. 

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